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Product Description


YB Series Self priming rotary vane pump with internal by-pass vave. The pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes to draw the liquid. Thematerial of construction is nodular iron with sliding vanes buit in a special selflubricating materia.Due to its efficiency the pumps canhandle viscous and aiso volatile liquids and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps.The pumps are capable of higher flow-rates at lower number of revo lutions than other designs.

·Durable pumps for fast and quiet operation.
.Sliding vane design provides sustained performance and trouble free operation,high reliability.
. Adjustable relief vaive pratects pump from excessive pressure.
·T-type strainers are available to potect pumping system fron damage caused by welting slag and foreign matter in the piping and tanks. 

Model Pump size Flow rate
YPUMP-YB-50 2″ 150-300L/MIN
YPUMP-YB-65  2.5″  310-500L/MIN
YPUMP-YB-80  3″  600-1000L/MIN
YPUMP-YB-100  4″ 1530-1900L/MIN

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Q1: Are you the real factory?
Yes, we are the real factory and we welcome you to visit us.

Q2: What is your delivery time?
Generally the lead time is 10-30 days. If you need them urgently, it’s negotiable.


Q3: Whether these products quality assured?
We have strict QC and professional test equipment, all products are 100% tested before delivery. Quality is assured.


Q4: If I want to purchase, how to pay?
Generally we accept L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Ali Pay.


Q5: How would the goods be shipped?
For large orders: by sea (LCL or FCL). For small orders: by sea (LCL), by air or by courier services, any of which is optional.


Q6: Can your supply OEM products under our brand?
Yes, it is available to print your logo on the tank and on the packing box according to your design.

Q7: What about the warranty?
Our warranty is 1 year. We will 100% check every goods before shipment, we make sure all the goods we sent out to customers are in good condition(Except for the damages caused by the uncontrolled factors during the transportation). If there are a problem in one year, please inform and show us the detail proof, so we can check and provide the parts to replacement in the next order.


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After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 Year
Flow Rate: 150-300L/Min
Type: Self-priming Oil Pump
Drive: Electric
Performance: Automatic
US$ 1000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




rotary vane pump

Are There Oil-Free Rotary Vane Pump Options Available?

Yes, there are oil-free rotary vane pump options available in the market. These pumps are designed to operate without the need for lubricating oil, offering certain advantages and applications where oil contamination is a concern. Here’s a detailed explanation:

– Dry Vane Technology: Oil-free rotary vane pumps, also known as dry vane pumps, utilize specialized dry vane technology. Instead of relying on lubricating oil to create a seal and reduce friction, these pumps use self-lubricating materials and innovative design features to achieve efficient operation without oil.

– Reduced Contamination Risk: One of the primary advantages of oil-free rotary vane pumps is that they eliminate the risk of oil contamination. In certain applications, such as in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical production, or cleanroom environments, maintaining a completely oil-free and contaminant-free operation is critical. Oil-free rotary vane pumps address these requirements and ensure the purity and integrity of the process or product being handled.

– Environmental Friendliness: Oil-free rotary vane pumps are considered more environmentally friendly compared to their oil-lubricated counterparts. The elimination of oil lubrication means there is no risk of oil leaks or spills, reducing the potential impact on the environment. These pumps also eliminate the need for oil changes and disposal, resulting in lower maintenance and disposal costs.

– Lower Operating Costs: Oil-free rotary vane pumps can offer cost advantages in terms of operating expenses. Since they do not require oil lubrication, there is no need to purchase, monitor, or replace oil. This can result in savings over the pump’s lifetime. Additionally, oil-free pumps often have lower maintenance requirements, as there is no need to monitor oil levels, change oil, or replace oil filters.

– Application Flexibility: Oil-free rotary vane pumps are suitable for a range of applications where oil contamination must be avoided. They find application in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory research, electronics manufacturing, and other sensitive environments. These pumps can handle both gas and some liquid applications, providing versatility in various processes.

– Considerations: While oil-free rotary vane pumps offer several advantages, it’s important to consider certain factors when choosing these pumps. They may have slightly different operating characteristics compared to oil-lubricated pumps, such as lower ultimate vacuum levels or reduced performance in high-pressure applications. It’s crucial to assess the specific requirements of the application and consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the chosen oil-free rotary vane pump meets the desired performance criteria.

– Alternative Technologies: In cases where oil-free rotary vane pumps may not be suitable, alternative technologies such as dry screw pumps or dry claw pumps can be considered. These pumps also offer oil-free operation and have their own unique advantages and applications.

In summary, oil-free rotary vane pumps are available and offer benefits such as eliminating oil contamination, environmental friendliness, reduced operating costs, and application flexibility. They are particularly valuable in industries where maintaining an oil-free environment is critical. Understanding the specific requirements of the application and consulting with pump manufacturers can help in selecting the appropriate type of pump for the desired operation.

rotary vane pump

What Are the Typical Applications of Rotary Vane Pumps?

Rotary vane pumps find application in various industries and sectors due to their versatility and reliable performance. Here’s a detailed explanation of the typical applications of rotary vane pumps:

– Industrial Manufacturing: Rotary vane pumps are commonly used in industrial manufacturing processes. They are employed for tasks such as vacuum packaging, vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, and vacuum filtration. The pumps assist in creating and maintaining the necessary vacuum levels for these manufacturing operations.

– HVAC Systems: Rotary vane pumps play a crucial role in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are utilized for tasks such as evacuating air and moisture from refrigeration and air conditioning systems during installation or maintenance. Rotary vane pumps ensure proper system performance and prevent issues like refrigerant contamination.

– Laboratory and Scientific Research: Rotary vane pumps are widely used in laboratory settings and scientific research facilities. They are employed in applications such as vacuum ovens, freeze drying, sample preparation, and vacuum distillation. Rotary vane pumps provide the necessary vacuum conditions for experiments, sample processing, and equipment operation.

– Medical and Healthcare: Rotary vane pumps find application in the medical and healthcare industry. They are used in medical devices such as vacuum suction units, blood analyzers, and laboratory equipment. Rotary vane pumps assist in creating a vacuum for various medical procedures, diagnostics, and research activities.

– Automotive: Rotary vane pumps are utilized in automotive systems, particularly in vehicles with diesel engines. They are commonly employed as vacuum pumps for brake boosters, which enhance braking performance. Rotary vane pumps ensure reliable vacuum supply for effective braking, contributing to vehicle safety.

– Printing and Packaging: Rotary vane pumps are employed in printing and packaging industries. They are used for tasks such as vacuum hold-down in printing presses and vacuum packaging of products. Rotary vane pumps facilitate the precise handling of paper, cardboard, and other materials during printing and packaging processes.

– Food and Beverage Processing: Rotary vane pumps find application in the food and beverage industry. They are utilized for tasks such as vacuum packaging of perishable products, vacuum degassing of liquids, and vacuum filling of bottles or containers. Rotary vane pumps contribute to extending the shelf life of food products and ensuring their quality.

– Environmental Applications: Rotary vane pumps are utilized in environmental applications such as air sampling and monitoring equipment. They assist in creating a vacuum for sampling air pollutants, analyzing air quality, and conducting environmental research.

– Semiconductor Manufacturing: Although rotary vane pumps may not be suitable for ultra-high vacuum applications in semiconductor manufacturing, they still find utility in certain stages of the process. They are often used for tasks such as load-lock operations, wafer handling, and general vacuum needs that do not require extremely low pressures.

– Other Applications: Rotary vane pumps have additional applications in areas such as power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceutical production, and wastewater treatment. They are employed for various tasks involving vacuum generation, fluid handling, and system evacuation.

In summary, rotary vane pumps have diverse applications across industries, including industrial manufacturing, HVAC systems, laboratory research, medical and healthcare, automotive, printing and packaging, food and beverage processing, environmental monitoring, and more. Their reliable performance, versatility, and ability to create vacuum make them valuable in numerous applications and processes.

China Hot selling Mini Rotary Micro Vane Automatic Pump Machine Rotary Sliding Ypump-Yb-50 Vane Pump for Oil   with Best Sales China Hot selling Mini Rotary Micro Vane Automatic Pump Machine Rotary Sliding Ypump-Yb-50 Vane Pump for Oil   with Best Sales
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