China Custom Roots Blowers/Rotary Blowers/Vacuum Pump Used in Various Gas Transmission and Compression vacuum pump brakes

Product Description

Product Description

Roots blower is a volumetric blower, also called a rotary blower, which is a mechanical device used to transport gas. It consists of 2 intermeshing rotors that rotate to generate airflow and compress and discharge the gas. Roots blowers are usually used in air boosting, vacuum pumps, pneumatic conveying, water treatment, dust recovery, pneumatic conveying, power plant desulfurization, paint spraying and other industries.



Working Principle

It is mainly composed of casing, wall panel, impeller, fuel tank and muffler. The casing plays a supporting and fixing role, and the wall plate is used to connect the casing and the impeller, support the rotation of the impeller, and also has the effect of end face sealing. The impeller is the rotating part of the Roots blower, usually composed of 2 or 3 blades. Compared with 2 blades, the three-bladed rotor has the advantages of smaller air pulsation, lower noise and smoother operation. The oil tank is used to store lubricating oil used to lubricate gears and bearings, while the muffler is used to reduce the noise caused by air pulsation when the Roots blower enters and exits. 




Product Parameters

WSR Dense Type Roots Blower Model Caliber A B C D E F G H J K L M N O X R V n-d Weight(kg)
WSR-50MJ 50A 380 90 105 120 19 450 240 578 450 970 125 320 200 560 185 90 100 18 100
WSR-65MJ 65A 450 100 115 130 19 480 240 615 500 1050 140 360 240 650 205 90 100 18 110
WSR-80MJ 80A 500 110 135 140 19 500 250 680 530 1150 150 380 260 700 220 90 100 18 150
WSR-100MJ 100A 540 110 150 140 19 520 265 707 600 1200 200 490 370 780 260 90 100 18 180
WSR-125MJ 125A 600 120 165 150 21 560 280 777 710 1380 215 490 370 860 295 90 120 18 280
WSR-150MJ 150A 760 130 180 150 24 620 340 881 860 1565 250 610 470 1060 375 100 120 18 430
WSR-175MJ 175A 850 130 180 150 24 620 340 881 960 1565 320 720 580 1150 470 100 120 18 680
WSR-200WJ 200A 1050 150 190 160 29 750 380 1095 1080 1920 304 775 640 1400 525 100 140 18 980
WSR-250MJ 250A 1340 160 230 250 30 900 400 1320 1258 2300 460 970 800 1900 608 140 180 26 1858
WSR-300WJ 300A 1340 160 245 250 40 950 420 1460 1433 2480 375 970 800 1900 756 140 180 26 2356


Company Profile

HangZhou Oyang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in HangZhou City,ZheJiang Province. 

Our factory is established in HangZhou city since 2012, with workshop area is 20,000 square CZPT and rich experience in sewage treatment.
We have long term relationships with mobile cabin hospital,Railway group,State grid,CRCC,and so on.

The company’s main products: integrated sewage treatment equipment, domestic sewage treatment equipment, buried sewage treatment equipment, air flotation machine, industrial sewage treatment equipment, belt filter press, sludge dewatering machine, vacuum filter, rural sewage treatment equipment , Hospital sewage treatment equipment, slaughter sewage treatment equipment, coal mine sewage treatment equipment and other environmental protection equipment.
Products are widely used in domestic industrial and mining enterprises, living quarters, urban and rural areas, food, petrochemical, papermaking, breeding and slaughtering, leather, textile, printing and dyeing, hospitals, hotels and other fields. 

Corner of workshop






Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are factory. We are professional manufacturer which specializes in producing waste water treatment equipments.

Q: Where is your factory located?
A: HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province.

Q: Do you provide OEM service?
A: Yes. Any required logos are available.

Q: How could we trust you and your company? This is first time transaction?
A: Our company has long term professional experience. We cooperate over 1000 customers in China and overseas. We export nearly 50 countries all over the world. Welcome to our company and visit our plant production condition any time.

Q: Do you offer after-sales service?
A: Yes. Engineers available for technology assistence.

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After-sales Service: Online Service
Warranty: 1 Year
Service Life: 10-30 Years
US$ 2000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

Vacuum Pump

Types of vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a device that pulls gas molecules out of a sealed volume and maintains a partial vacuum. Its job is to create a relative vacuum within its capabilities. Several types of vacuum pumps are available, including scroll and rotary piston models. Each has its own characteristics and uses. To learn more, read this article.

Screw Pump

Screw vacuum pumps use a mechanical screw to move an air or gas chamber to the axial housing wall. The movement of the chamber reduces the volume of gas, which is pre-compressed before being expelled through the pressure connection. These pumps can be single-pitch models or variable-pitch models. Variable pitch models feature variable pitch rotors that help distribute heat loads evenly across the rotor. Some models also include a thermostatic control valve that shuts off the pump if the water temperature gets too high. Screw vacuum pumps are available in single-ended or double-ended designs. Single-ended and double-ended screw pumps provide up to 3.7 x 10-4 Torr and an ultimate vacuum of 900 m3/h (560 cfm), which is sufficient for many industrial processes. Progressive cavity pumps are particularly suitable for vapor compression applications. These pumps also have an internal rotor to minimize layer formation. Combined with air cooling, they are suitable for use in hazardous environments. In addition, the screw rotor design prevents the build-up of substances in the pump cavity that could react with high temperatures. These pumps are also easily removable for quick cleaning. Screw vacuum pumps are also designed for low cost and minimal maintenance. Agknx screw vacuum pumps are designed in Germany and are very reliable and economical. Pump performance depends on cooling system and temperature. The temperature of the water used should be kept within a certain range, otherwise the pump may overheat and fail. Screw vacuum pumps are often used in scientific experiments. They are standard main pumps in large storage rings, gravitational wave detectors, and space simulation chambers. One of the largest ultra-high vacuum chambers in the world is made of screw vacuum pumps. An example is the KATRIN experiment. There are two types of screw vacuum pumps: oil-sealed and dry. Oil-sealed screw pumps use oil as a sealant and coolant. They are suitable for demanding vacuum applications such as woodworking and plastics processing. Dry screw pumps have an air-cooled chamber, and they can achieve higher vacuum levels than oil-sealed pumps.

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps provide the rugged performance essential for applications requiring vacuum. They can deliver flow rates up to 1280 acfm and reach deep vacuum levels up to 0.0004 Torr. They are available in single-stage and two-stage models. The report also provides detailed information about the key players, their financial status, and business overview. A rotary piston vacuum pump is a versatile and affordable vacuum device. They are available in single-stage and two-stage configurations with higher capacity and higher vacuum. They can be easily maintained by an in-house maintenance team or by a local third-party service shop. Pump manufacturers can also provide services. Rotary piston vacuum pumps are available in single-stage and compound designs. They are ideal for a variety of applications. Their high-performance design enables them to operate at any pressure up to atmospheric pressure. They also have no metal-to-metal contact, which makes them ideal for dirty applications. Whether you need a pump that can operate at high or low pressure, a rotary piston vacuum pump is an excellent choice. When purchasing a rotary piston vacuum pump, it is important to choose a manufacturer with a reputation for providing high-quality service and repairs. In addition to the high quality of the pump, you also need to ensure its availability. You should also consider the cost and quality of the part. A good vacuum pump company should also provide technical support, service support and accessories. Oil-free pumps are a popular choice for laboratories, clean rooms and confined rooms. Their high-quality parts are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant and specially formulated polymers. Oil-free pumps can handle high levels of air moisture and are excellent at removing contaminants. However, they are not suitable for applications containing organic vapors or acids. Atlas Copco’s GLS rotary piston pumps are a popular choice for industrial vacuum applications. Its space-saving design makes it an ideal solution for harsh environments. It is also very reliable and has low lifecycle costs. It has an automatic lubrication system and water mizer to minimize water consumption.
Vacuum Pump

Scroll Vacuum Pumps

<br Scroll Vacuum Pumps can be used to pump air, gases, and other fluids. They are suitable for creating a vacuum in transfer chambers, mass spectrometers, and load lock chambers. They are also ideal for helium leak detectors and other analytical equipment. Scroll vacuum pumps are available in a variety of models, including the diaphragm, turbine, and oil-dry scroll models. They are used in a variety of industries, including the semiconductor, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Flexible and durable oil-free scroll vacuum pumps are an excellent choice for light industrial, general laboratory, and research applications. They also offer several advantages over other vacuum pumps, including low operating costs and environmental sustainability. Scroll vacuum pumps do not require oil, which is a big advantage in terms of cost. Scroll vacuum pumps are also quieter. Scroll vacuum pumps are designed for low, medium, and high vacuum systems. They create a high vacuum and cannot tolerate particles. Although they are relatively small, they are ideal for vacuum laboratory applications and are also suitable for dry vacuum pumping. They can be combined with chemically resistant PTFE components, making them more suitable for chemical applications. Scroll vacuum pumps feature a unique design that makes them very versatile and efficient. The pump has two helical structures, one is fixed and the other is rotating, which can effectively pump gas and liquid. When the rotor begins to move, the gas is compressed slightly and then flows through the system to the exhaust port. Scroll vacuum pumps are efficient, oil-free and compact. Known for their high tolerance to the atmosphere, they feature sensorless INFORM(r) control to minimize noise and vibration. These vacuum pumps are ideal for low to medium flow applications including analytical equipment, freeze dryers, vacuum coaters and mass spectrometers. The most important advantage of a scroll vacuum pump is its reliability. They can be used for three years or more without problems and are easy to maintain. With proper maintenance, they can reduce repair costs.
Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm vacuum pumps

Diaphragm vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industrial processes. These pumps use an elastic diaphragm fixed around the outer diameter. They are efficient and can handle most types of liquids. They are commonly used for dewatering, filling and water removal. These pumps are easy to maintain. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes and power outputs. Oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps do not require oil, lubrication and cooling. These pumps are compatible with many types of laboratory equipment. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are equipped with dual voltage motors and DC drives for greater flexibility and durability. Diaphragm vacuum pumps can achieve higher vacuum levels than rotary vane pumps. They are more efficient than diaphragm pumps. They do not require oil and require less maintenance than their rotary vane counterparts. However, the diaphragms of these pumps may need to be replaced every few years. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are the most popular type of vacuum pump and can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used for everyday work and can be large enough to be used in a vacuum oven or rotary evaporator. Diaphragm vacuum pumps use pulsed motion to move air. They eliminate the need for oil and are highly chemical and steam resistant. They can handle a wide variety of samples, including high viscosity liquids. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are generally smaller than other types of vacuum pumps. Scroll pumps are made of metal and are generally recommended for solvent and water samples. They are not recommended for high acid samples. However, they are suitable for freeze drying. They can also be used for concentration applications. In this way, they have greater displacement capacity and can reach higher ultimate vacuum levels.

China Custom Roots Blowers/Rotary Blowers/Vacuum Pump Used in Various Gas Transmission and Compression   vacuum pump brakesChina Custom Roots Blowers/Rotary Blowers/Vacuum Pump Used in Various Gas Transmission and Compression   vacuum pump brakes
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